Our Brands

Zahr El-Laymoun

Our ancestors looked to nature to find the best remedies for a healthy and happy life and we are lucky today to inherit their love for Mother Earth’s gifts and secrets. Lebanese villages, nesting between green mountains and plains, have always been ripe with the lovely smell of orange blossoms wafting over the countryside, infiltrating … Continue reading

Cantina Laredo

Cantina Laredo is the modern Mexican restaurant and lively contemporary social gathering place that rewards guests with extraordinary service and the flavors of Mexico. A leader restaurant in the high-end Mexican segment that’s poised for rapid growth Offering a menu that evokes the modern tastes of Mexico Driven by the growing consumer demand for sophisticated … Continue reading

The Melting Pot fondue restaurant

We offer a dining experience like no other. A unique, interactive dining experience creating memorable moments with family and friends. From the time the first piece of bread is dipped and the last piece of dessert is savored, you’ll be graced with the time to discover new things about people you thought you knew. And, those you’re getting … Continue reading

café blanc

With a name taken from a drink beloved by generations of Lebanese as the perfect ending to a perfect meal café blanc embodies in every way the lebanese taste of tradition and yet it delivers this tradition in a contemporary fashion. With its emphasis on a refreshingly modern approach to the most cherished elements of … Continue reading